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Tony Hunter

The best way to predict the future is to create it!

Got those FutureMind™ scenarios nailed, now it’s time to strategise.

In today’s exponentially changing world preparing THE strategy is no more successful than trying to predict THE future! Given there are numerous possible futures how can any single strategy address all of these futures? Foresight based strategic planning allows robust, responsive strategies to be developed which all but guarantee the opportunity to maximise competitive advantage and profitability.

This means that;

  • Considering possible futures is essential for robust strategic planning.
  • Traditional techniques like SWOT analysyes need to be underpinned by a futures perspective, or how can you address your responses to each quadrant?
  • Envisaging possible futures requires an open mind, external perspectives and devoting time and resources to their development.

Contact me to discuss how Foresight planning can maximise your competitive advantage and profitability.