Strategy & Implementation

Tony Hunter

FutureCUBED™ – Stage 3

Develop competitive action plans.

Evaluate exponentially changing trends and futures

Diving deep into the identified alternative futures, a detailed response to each scenario is prepared. We then track the critical technology and consumer trends to isolate the alternative future most likely to become reality.

Decisive action

Short term action plans are then developed, enabling the organisation to take decisive action to gain short and long term competitive advantage.

Integrating the alternative future knowledge into strategic plans and actions, allows directors and senior executives to confidently lead their organisations into whatever future eventuates.


  1. Detailed understanding of each alternative future.
  2. Program for monitoring key technology and consumer trend development.
  3. Appropriate actions embedded in the organisation’s strategic plan.


The FutureCUBED™ process can help you lead your organisation into the future and gain a competitive advantage in today’s exponentially changing market.

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