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The future of food:
Or how Agrifood Tech will change the world!

If you are a private or public event organiser, Tony would be delighted to share his knowledge with your delegates. He is a charismatic, knowledgeable speaker who can tailor his food technology and futurist message to your audience and provide the information they need to make better decisions.

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Some current speaking topics include


Will we, the Food Industry, rise to the challenge of feeding the 10 bn or be remembered by history as failing the world when it needed us most?

There are massive changes occurring in the Food Industry and they continue to accelerate. With the porting of technologies from the medical, biotechnology, genetic fields and more it’s the most exciting time in decades to be in the Food Industry.

With sustainability and our ability to feed 10 bn people by 2050 firmly in the cross-hairs the Food Industry is at the forefront of meeting these global challenges. From basic food supply to personalised nutrition, innovation and new technologies will be an essential component of success.

How will these changes pan out 5, 10 or 20 years from now and will we even recognize the Food Industry of the future?

The Alternative Protein Landscape: What are the new technologies in protein production and how advanced are they?

Covering everything from the very latest in cell-based meat to insects and producing protein from electricity! This dynamic session will stimulate the thinking of the most jaded protein sector audience.

The Future of Food, personalised nutrition from genomics to the microbiome: These are technologies which will dominate food, beverage and ag for decades to come.

Tony’s trademark presentation, with a provocative look at how these cutting edge technologies could change the face of the food, beverage and ag industries. Consumers are demanding more and more personal attention, how will our industries cope?

Cell-based Meat: What is the state of the art in this sector and is it really meat?

Highly topical, this session addresses the myths and realities of this often controversial subject. Who are the major players? When will it come to market and what effect will it have on conventional protein sector? Is it a game changer technology or a niche product and will a “Beer and Bratwurst approach convince consumers? Informative without the usual highly technical jargon, listen to this session to find out the answers!

Plant-based meat, acellular beverages and other products: Plant based products are no longer confined to “cardboard” veggie burgers and lentils!

This session covers everything from plant-based meat to milk without the cow. There are few food, beverage and ag industries that won’t be affected by new Biological Technologies. Again presented in Tonys trademark low jargon, highly informative style attendees will leave this session astonished and inspired at the potential of these new technologies.

Individually tailored presentations on other related topics can be prepared as requested.

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