Tony Hunter

Tony Hunter

The Future of Food.
Or how AgriFood Tech will change the world!

With a background as a food scientist and over three decades experience in the food industry, Tony has witnessed and participated in huge transformations. He has developed a limitless appetite for the new Food Technologies, becoming one of the worlds thought leaders on the Future of Food. His FutureCUBED™ framework brings clarity and simplicity to this complicated topic.


Like you, he knows that we need solutions to continue to feed the exploding population on our planet with all the issues this raises – how will we increase production, address sustainability and our impact on the environment, maintain profitability and affordability, help the poorest maintain access to nourishment, address growing trends for sophisticated nutrition vs simple convenience….? 


Have we bitten off more than we can chew?…


Exploring the reality of the FUTURE OF FOOD, Tony will take you on a technological journey from farm to fork, and vending machine to outer space, leaving your audiences inspired, educated and hungry for more!


Tony shares strategies for the food industry to wake up their people to new technologies, energise their teams so they can embrace the future of our industry with enthusiasm, and lead the way for our consumers and the planet.


As well as providing inspiration for industry problems at global food industry conferences and internal food businesses teams, Tony is in demand worldwide for his insight at general environmental, sustainability and future-focused events.


Feed your curiosity with the Future of Food…


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Tony on the future of food
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Tony on clean meat
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Tony on cutting edge foods
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Keynote topics based on Tony’s FutureCUBED™ method include

Living in a Corona Hangover Future (NEW!)

COVID-19 caused by the Coronavirus has changed our world irrevocably. But have consumer’s fundamental needs changed or has COVID-19 simply emphasised some needs and de-emphasised others and is this simply a bump in the road in the long term? We’ll delve into the current situation, who the winners and losers are, and what this means for the short and long-term future of the food, beverage and ag industries.

Furthermore, the implications of the globalisation of the food supply chain are now becoming obvious. What does this mean for food sovereignty and the equitable distribution of food? Can we de-couple food from the tyranny of arable land and available water and what can countries do to attain a level of self-sufficiency and food security? We’ll explore how technology could be used to address many of these Future of Food issues.

Lastly, we’ll look at whether a COVID-20 pandemic or similar is probable or even possible. What can businesses do to prepare and even prosper from any current and future disruptions?

Personalise or perish! The Future of Food in 2050 and the technologies which will dominate food, beverage and ag for decades to come.

Tony’s trademark presentation, with a provocative look at how these cutting edge technologies could change the face of the food, beverage and ag industries. Consumers are demanding more and more personal attention, how will our industries cope? Learn how to Embrace exponentially changing technologies so you can take Decisive action to gain a competitive advantage.


Will feeding the world kill the planet?

There are massive changes occurring in the Food & Ag Industries and they continue to accelerate. With the porting of technologies from the medical, biotechnology, genetic fields and more it’s the most exciting time in decades to be in these Industries.

With sustainability and our ability to feed 10 bn people by 2050 firmly in the crosshairs Food & Ag are at the forefront of meeting these global challenges. From basic food supply to personalised nutrition, innovation and new technologies will be an essential component of success.

Challenge your thinking on how these changes could change the shape the future of these industries 5, 10 or 20 years from now. What is the Future of Food and will we even recognize the Food & Ag Industries of the future?

Hunting the Future! An expedition to discover the future you want.

It’s been said that the best way to predict the future is to invent it and that’s very true. The flip side is that if you don’t create your future someone will create one for you, and you may not like their version! So how do you “invent your preferred future”? This presentation shows you how to hunt down your best Future and develop the strategies to Be prepared so you can make this future a reality.





Over this last 30 years Tony’s seen it all from multiple angles including start-ups, General Management and consulting, as well as being a qualified Food Scientist. His General Management experience includes establishing FoodPartners, a then state of the art Pizza Topping manufacturer, with his team and growing this to a $25m business ($40m in today’s terms) His successful consultancy business counts major Australian and Global companies including KFC, Top Cut and several Family Offices as clients.


This varied background and scientific qualifications allow him to bring a unique perspective to exploring the rapidly changing Food Industry. All this is embodied in his FutureCUBED™ method for viewing the exponentially changing Future of Food


As a result, his consultancy now includes helping Companies plan for the future using Foresight Planning Strategies including his own FutureMind™ and MegaFuture™ techniques. As a Global Keynote Speaker Tony travels the world bringing his unique perspective to the rapidly changing Future of Food.


He has recently spoken Globally at conferences such as Food Matters Live in London, Feed Additives Asia 2019, two keynotes at THAIFEX 2019, Global Table 2019 and the Synthetic Biology Australasia Conference 2019. He regularly features in the online, print radio and podcast media as an expert on the Future of Food.

Tony is an engaging and exuberant speaker who really gave our audience something to think about regarding the future of our industry.
Olympia Theocharous
Head of Event Content, Feedinfo on Tony’s Feed Additives Asia 2019 presentation
Tony is a brilliant keynote speaker who is able to draw the crowd through his high-energy speaking sessions. We had the pleasure to host him at THAIFEX-Anuga Asia this year, and the audience appreciated his insightful sharing on the future of food (technology).

One thing that stood out – Tony went above and beyond to support the conference team in achieving its objectives – certainly a rarity in this industry!

Thank you Tony!
Ira Iskandar
Koelnmesse, on Tony’s THAIFEX 2019 keynote presentations
Tony is a dynamic and thought provoking speaker who made a valuable contribution to the Maxum Foods event. Our customers and staff were fascinated by his high quality presentation on future dairy technologies and the Future of Food.
Breanna Caton
Marketing Manager at Maxum Foods on Tony’s corporate event presentation
Tony is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker who added substantial value to our company conference. We had great audience feedback on his contribution and he went out of his way to help make the event a success. His presence in our panel discussion was really powerful and impactful.
Babita Rawat
Marketing Communication Manager at Schneider Electric on Tony’s conference participation

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