Melding Strategy & Foresight

Tony Hunter

FutureCUBED™ – Part 3

Once we’ve prepared a snapshot of what’s happening and generated possible Futures we need to continuously update this knowledge to know when to take action. We need to embrace and follow these exponentially changing technologies to determine when to take decisive action once we know which future has a high enough probability of becoming reality. And we need to do this soon enough that we have a competitive advantage, no use waiting for the 100% probable future if everyone else can see it too! We therefore use the knowledge gained in our previous stages to formulate strategies to follow and, where appropriate, participate in these new technologies. Your company’s strategy has to include short term actions which will prepare for the long term possible futures, agility is king here.

Embrace exponentially changing technologies

Welcome to the age of Food as Exponential Technology. No longer is food a sleepy relative to electronic technologies. Make no mistake, the digitisation of food is well underway in related fields impacting food, including genomics and the microbiome to name just a couple. And once digitisation of an industry commences disruption isn’t far behind!

Many of these new exponential technologies are the result of startups and the Venture Capital required to scale is plentiful and global. As Peter Diamandis says in his book “Bold” exponential lean startups “are the small furry mammals competing with the dinosaurs – meaning they’re one asteroid strike away from world dominance. Exponential technology is that asteroid.”

Embracing an exponential view of technology and the world is essential, linear thinking has never been more dangerous!

Decisive action

Having successfully prepared ourselves for the possible Futures using the FutureMind™ method we need to integrate our knowledge into strategic actions, since as the World Future Society says, “a futurist is a visionary doer”. Having followed our exponential technologies and generated possible futures we use this strategic foresight knowledge to know when take decisive action to maximise our competitive advantage and profitability. Doing this ensures our survival in an uncertain future, and then the cycle starts again!

Contact me now, because my FutureCUBED™ method can help your company gain a competitive advantage in today’s exponentially changing market.