Industry Trend Briefings

Tony Hunter

FutureCUBED™ – Part 1

My Industry Trend Briefings are up to the minute snapshots of the current trends and signals, all designed to challenge your thinking and how you view the Future of your industry. You’ll understand the signals sent by the latest technologies and trends, many of which you’ll never have heard of before. One thing I can guarantee is that it certainly won’t be boring!

Challenge your thinking.

If asked, most, if not all of us have definite ideas on what our future will look like in 3 years. So we all have preconceptions and baggage in our short term thinking, but once we think about the future in 10+ years we all realise how vague our view is on what will happen. In fact only 38 % of people think once/wk or more about something that might happen in 5 years, 30 % in 10 years time, and only 17 % in 30  years time! (IFTF study)

That’s why this timeframe of 10 years is useful because it’s far enough out to ditch most of our preconceptions but close enough to seem “real”. The 20 and 30 year horizons are also important to consider, but often more difficult to envisage.

Most importantly this timeframe enables us to challenge our thinking and our preconceptions of what is possible.

As an illustration, in 2007, little more than a decade ago, there was no;

  • Instagram.
  • Smartphones.
  • 4G internet.
  • Netflix streaming.
  • Consumer drones.
  • Dropbox.

And yet today we take these things for granted! Imagine if in 2007 I’d somehow been able to describe today’s reality to you, would you have believed me?

Understand the signals

Staying up to date on the big trends, the megatrends, is obviously essential. However, telling you that people are getting older and the demographics are changing will hardly give you a major competitive advantage. After all, everyone knows that! What you need to look for are “weak signals”, outlying events, often from other industries, these are the gold dust clues to future trends.

Finding and putting together these signals to generate trends is a never ending task, particularly in today’s exponential world. It involves everything from watching startups to consumers and everything in between. That’s where I come in, with my relentless focus on these signals and what they mean for the Future of Food and your particular industry.

Contact me now, because my FutureCUBED™  method can help your company gain a competitive advantage in today’s exponentially changing market.