Horizon Scanning

Tony Hunter

FutureCUBED™ – Stage 1

Discover current and future technology and consumer trends.

Challenge your thinking.

We work with your organisation to scan the horizon to reveal emerging technology and consumer trends and uncover which are the most significant. These technology and consumer trends will challenge and alter your view of the future.

Understand the signals.

From our horizon scanning we identify new and emerging patterns and relationships, and their implications. We use these to identify the critical trends and uncertainties impacting the future of your industry and organisation.


  1. Awareness of the consumer and technology trends impacting your industry and organisation
  2. Understanding of the scope and impact of these trends.
  3. Identification of potential opportunities and threats.
  4. Overview of the alternative futures for your industry and organisation.


The FutureCUBED™ process can help you lead your organisation into the future and gain a competitive advantage in today’s exponentially changing market.

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