FutureMind™ Foresight

Tony Hunter

FutureCUBED™ – Stage 2

We now need to explore the alternative futures enabled by the technologies we’ve uncovered. The FutureMind™ Foresight process homes in on the key drivers of these futures and the key indicators needing to be tracked as the actual future unfolds. A cross between a Mastermind and a brainstorming group they can be presented as either single or multiple groups of four to six participants using a workshop format. Participants will develop several alternative Futures and understand the key drivers of those Futures.

Be Prepared

60 % of people think every day of something that might happen a month away and a cumulative 93% of people think of this at least once a week. So we all think about and believe we know what will happen in the short term. Overlay this with business pressures to achieve quarterly, and yearly goals and perhaps a 3 year plan and we’re all stuck in short term thinking.

The problem is that this short term 3 year mindset is a linear one where at the end of each year we just add one more year to our rolling 3 year projections. But what if that “linear” projection is really the start of an exponential curve? As we know all exponential change looks linear at first and then rapidly accelerates once the inflection point is reached.

Anyone who tells you that they can predict THE Future is either a fool or a liar! But what we can do is predict possible Futures. By considering the possible and understanding the signals from our Industry Trend Briefings in Part 1 we can generate our possible Futures through such techniques as scenario planning, the Voroscope and/or the 3 Horizons.

By performing futures based strategizing, companies can prepare themselves for alternative futures and potentially take advantage of “Black Swan” events. Foresight planning is contingency planning.

FutureMind™ Foresight services can be delivered as standalone events or before or after any speaking engagement. At conferences or other events they’re an excellent way for event managers to add value to their conferences.

Contact me now, because my FutureCUBED™ process can help your company gain a competitive advantage in today’s exponentially changing market.