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Future of Food Scenarios

Tony Hunter

What will the likely Future of Food in your market segment look like? How can your company maximise it’s ability to react quickly to those unexpected technological changes?

Using my FutureMind™ foresight process we can build likely future scenarios and then monitor what’s going on in your market segment so the surprises aren’t so surprising! These sessions are thought provoking, future oriented, intensive small group working sessions focused on a single issue vital to the participants. They’re designed to challenge and change the participant’s view of the future of their industry and/or company.

By doing this future based strategising companies can prepare themselves for possible futures and even take advantage of those “Black Swan” events.

FutureMind™ foresight services that can be delivered before or after any speaking engagement, or as standalone events in their own right. They’re an excellent way for event managers to add value to their conferences.

Contact me now to apply FutureMind™ in your conference or company.