2nd Food Proteins Asia 2019


Protein is rapidly evolving from a ‘fitness’ to a ‘health and wellness’ ingredient, as incomes rise and people become more aware of its benefits. There has been a rise in protein intake in Asia with more demand for protein fortified food. What’s interesting is Asians are showing a growing appetite for plant based food protein. According to Mintel, as many as two in five (39%) urban Indonesians and one in three (34%) urban Thais consumed more non-animal sources of protein (eg plant, dairy, grains) in 2017, compared to 2016. Dairy is also an excellent source of high quality protein. The summit is expected to be a key meeting for leading food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers analyzing these trends and developments.


The 2019 Program Highlights:

  • Protein fortification in mainstream food applications & overcoming taste, texture challenges
  • Brand owners’ views on future of protein nutrition – outlook & challenges
  • Novel Ingredients & its innovation risks
  • Sustainable plant based protein
  • Protein technologies & capabilities
  • Trends in Asia’s active nutrition & new product launches