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Tony Hunter

As the leader of a Food, Beverage or Ag business, you know technological change in our industry is  increasing exponentially.

Disruptors from within, but also from outside the industry, are changing what customers will eat and drink in the coming years. In the midst of this disruption, what decisions can you make over the next 1, 3, 5 or 10 years that will maximise your return to stakeholders?


Tony Hunter, as a Global Futurist and consultant specialising in the Future of Food, can help future-proof you and your organisation.

He is a passionate believer that AgriFood Tech offers massive opportunities to solve the problems of sustainability and feeding the growing global population. Tony travels the world using his unique combination of scientific qualifications and 30 + years of business experience to convey to businesses and event audiences how new technologies will influence Food Industries. This combination of skills and knowledge gives him a unique viewpoint on the Future of Food.

Using his trademark FutureCUBED™ method Tony can help you to understand the technological changes that will impact your business and how you can seize the future opportunities they present.

Opportunities such as;

  • Where should you invest your capital?
  • What products, services and technology should you develop?
  • What part of your business is under threat?
  • What are the opportunities worth pursuing?

Tony will work with you to create and implement a future-based plan, so you make the best possible decisions to maximise your short, medium and long term profit.

Unlike general futurists, Tony is a specialist in Food, Beverage and Ag. This allows him to have a detailed understanding of the global and local technological changes happening daily and weekly in these sectors. He is well-connected to leading companies, scientists and commercial partners that can help you to implement the changes needed.

many incumbent COMPANIES missed the opportunities that gave rise to Amazon, Google, Spotify and iTunes. Tony is passionate about helping food and beverage companies win during the equally profound, exponential changes now happening in our industry.

We know that daily business pressures can sometimes take your attention away from focusing on long term strategic planning.

Tony helps you focus on the important long-term issue for your business using his FutureCUBED™ method. This method ensures your corporate strategic planning process takes into account the many exponentially changing technologies impacting the Food, Beverage and Ag industry. He’s an experienced and motivated food technologist, General Manager and consultant who makes things happen.



If you run an investment business, Tony can advise you on technological changes within the food industry to improve your investment decisions. He can also connect you with leading start-ups, accelerators and established businesses to capitalise on the opportunities.

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Tony’s private mentoring helps you advance your career by keeping you up to date with the trends and technological developments you need to understand.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pace of change, private mentoring can help you focus on what matters. You can stay up to date and ahead of the competition, both inside and outside the company!
Sessions are focused, practical and customised so that you can take meaningful action that produces a clear return on your investment.


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