5 Step COVID Strategic Planning

Tony Hunter
Scenario Horizon

Scenario Horizons™

It’s obvious that the post-COVID world will look different. But how will it be different and what, specifically, will have changed? The short answer is that no-one knows exactly what the future will look like, but we still need to plan for this unknowable future. The question is, how?

To consider these futures we need a mechanism that will allow us to plan for immediate, short term futures but preserve medium and long term planning capabilities. However, taking months or even weeks to generate a strategic foresight plan is unworkable under the current circumstances. Particularly since few if any organisations currently have the resources to devote to both coping with the immediate future as well as in-depth strategic planning.

What we don’t need is a cumbersome, brain numbing, resource sucking method of coping. We must have a method that is agnostic to exactly when things will be “over”, and which allows us to flexibly and agilely address whatever unknown road leads us to the actual future.

To address these needs I’ve developed a simple, 5 Step COVID Pandemic Planning method;

  1. C: Choose appropriate planning tools.
  2. O: Open our minds and challenge our thinking about how to use the tools.
  3. V: Visualise a method to be prepared for many possible futures.
  4. I: Identify and understand the signals of change.
  5. D: Decisive action to execute the plan.

From this COVID planning method I’ve developed my Scenario Horizons™ tool, which is, above all, a practical approach to strategic planning in these chaotic, pandemic times. It’s flexible and agile and doesn’t require the heavy resource commitment necessary for traditional strategic foresight planning. It’s an appropriate method for considering the post-pandemic future and offers the ability to cope with short term chaos while preserving longer term strategic planning.

See more detail here.

Contact me now, because my Scenario Horizons™ method can help your company gain a competitive advantage in today’s exponentially changing COVID and post-COVID world.