GLP-1 Gangnam Style
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GLP-1 Gangnam style

GLP-1 Gangnam style probiotic? That’s what South Korea’s Chong Kun Dang Healthcare is promising with its GLPitDIET mixture of 3 probiotic strains claiming that it “similarly worked through the glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) pathway.”

The Gangnam refence comes from the popularity of cosmetic procedures in the district. “It is so popular in plastic surgery and cosmetic clinics in Gangnam that people call it the ‘Gangnam injection’,”​ Eunyeong Jang, director, CKDHC told NutraIngredients-Asia.

With a 40% rate of obesity in South Korea this product is immensely popular. Does it work? I suppose time, and science, will tell.

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