Nanotechnology in plant cells
My take on it all

Nanotechnology and personalised plant nutrition

Personalised plant nutrition! Nanotechnology, the study and design of ultra-small structures, has been used for precise drug delivery in humans, but is now being applied to plants. This will reduce the massive applications of resources like fertilisers and pesticides we see today. And of course AI come into the picture to create digital twins of plants “to help design nanoparticles with controlled delivery properties for agriculture” and this can be followed up in real life.

As University of California, Riverside Associate Professor Juan Pablo Giraldo, says: “We are pioneering targeted delivery technologies based on coating nanomaterials with sugars or peptides that recognize specific proteins on plant cells and organelles,…This allows us to take the existing molecular machinery of the plant and guide desired chemicals to where the plant needs them, for example, the plant vasculature, organelles, or sites of plant pathogen infections.”

Nanotechnology is yet another technological resource in creating a more sustainable food future.

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