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Prolific Machines light powered bioreactor

Cultivated meat adds another string to its bow with Prolific Machines, Inc. ready to go to market with its unique bioreactor design. Their bioreactor design involves “growing and controlling cells without the need for expensive recombinant proteins for cell production.” Instead they use light!

They also offer a bovine cell line for food proteins and a Cho line for pharmaceuticals. They couple this with hardware that directs light into the bioreactors and then measures how cells react to the light. This all controlled by software which analyses the cell’s reaction to light and calculates the best light spectrum to apply.

Their latest Series B funding round of $55 million will be used to commercialise the technology. Interestingly the round was led by the Ki Tua Fund, the corporate venture arm of Fonterra Co-operative Group.

One strength of the cultivated meat technology space is that there’s multiple different technology strands, and only one needs to be successful.

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