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US meat consumption

Why oh why is everyone so transfixed on reducing US meat consumption? Even Didier Toubia of Aleph Farms says that the “US remains high in our strategy”. Trying to convince consumers in places like the US to eat less conventional meat is an enormous undertaking, consuming vast amount of resources, and to what success? These and other high meat consuming countries are a lost cause! Meanwhile, countries in Africa continue to scale conventional food systems borrowed from places like the US, Australia etc. Expending resources to offer countries developing their food system state of the art food technologies is a much better use of those resources. Do we want to decrease US/Australian etc conventional meat consumption by 10 kg/person or offer other countries totalling several billion people alternatives to growing their conventional meat consumption by 20, 30 or 40 kg/person?

After all, our current global food system is not without its problems. Massive resource usage, nutrient runoff, dead zones, massive deforestation, climate change, the list goes on. Utilising state of the art food technologies would enable developing food system countries to avoid these sorts of problems.

For example, offering Nigeria an alternative source of protein like cultivated meat would seem like a better idea than saying that the “US remains high in our strategy”

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