Finally Foods makes cheese in potatoes
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Finally Foods grows cheese in potatoes!

Growing AI powered cheese in potatoes? Well, perhaps not cheese, but casein. That’s what plant molecular farming startup Finally Foods Ltd are doing in conjunction with computational biology company Evogene. Evogene’s GeneRator AI engine is enabling Finally Foods to run “hundreds of thousands” of theoretical models before trying the best of them out in plants. This demonstrates some of the defining advantages of AI, speeding up the innovation cycle, and considering datasets beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend.

One advantage of using potatoes is that they can tap into the existing protein extraction processes, keeping infrastructure costs low. The rest of the potato will be used for GMO friendly products like animal feed or biodegradable polymers.

Significantly they believe that they can produce “all four subtypes that make up casein” in one plant. That could offer advantages in providing the correct physicochemical properties for making good cheese.

It’ll be interesting to see how the AI powered approach pans out.

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