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Artificial Intelligence and Food

7.3 bn in funding in 12 months! That’s the story around GenAI company Anthropic. CEO Dario Amodei said there was a 10 to 25 percent chance that Artificial Intelligence technology could destroy humanity.

But if that doesn’t happen, he said, “it’ll go not just fine, it’ll go really, really great.”

Very reassuring!

And don’t think that food companies will be immune to Artificial Intelligence disruption, particularly in R&D and New Product Development. If you don’t have a Generative AI on your NPD team by the end of 2024/25 then you may find yourself so far behind you’ll never catch up. As I said in my keynote yesterday at Gulfood – The World’s Largest, Most Trusted F&B Sourcing Event – “It’s dangerous to live linearly in an exponential world!!!”

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