Beef rice, cultivated meat
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Beef rice

This is why I never think I’ve seen it all!!!! I’ve heard of edible scaffolds for cultivated meat, but this is a new one on me. Researchers from Yonsei University in Korea have developed a “beef-rice hybrid”. “They first coated rice grains with fish gelatin so that cow muscle cells could stick to them, then allowed the cells to grow throughout the rice grains for about five to seven days. Next, the rice was placed in a medium that encouraged the cow cells to multiply inside the grains.”

The beef rice can be cooked as per normal and contains 7 % more protein and 8 % more fat than the rice alone. It’s claimed that the process uses well known and inexpensive ingredients, overcoming one of the key barriers to cultivated meat production.

In fact I wonder what other plants could be used not just as a small percentage ingredient but, like this rice, as an integral part of the food product?

Whatever the fate of this particular product I’m sure there’s a raft of new technologies that’ll enable us to feed the world sustainably, equitably and nutritiously in the decades to come. It’s why I’m a techno-optimist in the food space!

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