Infinite Roots mycelium meatballs
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Asset light, IP heavy should be the mantra of any food company from startup to global giant. That’s what mycelium fermentation company Infinite Roots® are doing with their USD58 m round of fundraising. Most interestingly they’re using brewers spent grain. They have an agreement with BITBURGER Group International to use this as a feedstock and even to modify beer fermenters to make their mycelium product! This overcomes the main barrier I’ve talked about before, infrastructure. The technologies are here we just need the production facilities and repurposing brewing capacity to produce food makes a great deal of sense.

There’s another consequence of this particular technology. As I’ve been saying for years, there’s no such thing a “human inedible food” only food not yet processed to make it human edible. The cattle industry’s days of free or cheap feedstock may very well be numbered, adding to cost pressures.

It also goes to show that there’s always funding for good, solid ideas, despite the recent drop in VC funding across all industries.

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