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The plant-based meat market is dead!

Shhhuusshhhhhhh! 🤫 Someone forgot to tell food giant Nestlé that the plant-based meat market is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’ve just released 3 new plant-based fish items across Europe. “The new alternatives include marine-style crispy filet and marine-style crispy nuggets in Europe under the Garden Gourmet brand”

Plant-based products are down in many regions across the globe, but certainly not out. To single out the performance of a single company, Beyond Meat, as the sole indicator of the future of plantbased and alternative meat products generally is overly simplistic. Yes, most plantbased products need to significantly improve their taste and texture, but when they do we should see an uptick in sales. Will Beyond’s new “This changes everything” campaign to “educate” consumers on the healthiness of their product address their decline in sales? Not unless their products taste better! Despite the assertions that “health is a top driver to the plant-based meat category” if you don’t get taste right the health claims are irrelevant to the majority of consumers.

But hopefully the campaign will help counter some of the “ultraprocessed” food propaganda around at the moment.

Will Nestle’s products deliver on flavour as well as health for European consumers? We’ll have to wait and see.

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