Cultivated meat is doomed, or is it?
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Cultivated meat is doomed!

Cultivated meat is doomed! Well, you can’t evaluate what doesn’t exist. That’s the message I’ve been giving to those who quote articles saying that these evaluations of cultivated meat technologies “prove” that it can’t be commercially viable. It’s a typical linear versus exponential mindset as by the time you complete the analysis it’s essentially useless as the technology has moved on.

There’s still no guarantee that cultivated meat will be commercially viable, but the continuing introduction of new technologies bring this closer to reality. This development from ProFuse Technology is one such example. They say that “its supplements can achieve an 80% reduction in the duration of the muscle growth phase to only 48 hours”. They claim their media supplements can deliver up to 40% reduction in production costs, a significant improvement.

I wonder what 5 or 10 years progress will bring? It’s gonna be interesting to watch

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