Kern apricot kernel milk
Alternative Proteins

Human inedible food products?

There’s no such thing as human inedible food products, just ones that haven’t yet been processed to make them edible! A prime example are the alternative milk products from Austria based Kern Tec, made from stone fruit pits. Apricot pits for example “can contain up to 23% protein depending on the variety. They are also high in unsaturated fats and vitamin E.” A veritable untapped treasure trove of nutrients.

Their products are also highly sustainable. “We have conducted a life cycle analysis and found that our seeds have up to 95% less water use, 50% less CO2 emissions and, what I think is worth the most – no extra land use compared to other nuts” says co-founder and MD Luca Fichtinger.

Making “human inedible products” human edible to maximise the use and and circularity of our current food supply is going to be essential to feeding the global population as we race towards 10 billion by 2050.

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