Plant-based meat needs to taste good
Alternative Proteins My take on it all

Taste of plant-based products is number 1, again

As I’ve mentioned before the taste of plant-based products is the most important attribute of this, or indeed any other, food product. This study from FMI- The Food Industry Association showed “Taste was the most frequently mentioned reason for repeat consumption of plant-based foods, but also remains the top barrier to trial for the industry, according to a new report from the Food Industry Association (FMI)”.

Successful alternative protein products are winners of a hurdles race. Taste is the first hurdle, Ease of availability and use is the second; third is Convenience; and fourth is Healthy for the consumer and the planet. Each hurdle has to be jumped before the next can be addressed. Don’t get taste and you fall at the first hurdle, doesn’t matter how much you “educate” consumers.

Companies ignoring the fact that the taste of plant-based products is the essential attribute of their products do so at their peril!

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