Honey truffle sweetener
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Honey truffles as a sweetener

Colorado based company MycoTechnology, Inc. has isolated a new protein sweetener from Honey Truffles. They say that “While it has the same calories as other proteins, it is between 1,500 and 2,500 times sweeter than sugar, so the caloric value will be negligible.” It also has no aftertaste, a major benefit versus many other sugar alternatives. Given the intensity of the sweetness the in use product costs are likely to be competitive with the costs of sugar.

MycoTechnology are using their proprietary fungal based production system to manufacture the product. They say they have interest from several commercial partners and are working to optimise yields and scale production. Ironic that they’re using fungi to produce a compound from another fungus!

With all the recent negative news on Aspartame as a potential carcinogen a new protein sweetener could just what’s needed.

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