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ChatGPT in Food

Product development via ChatGPT, is that ChatNPD? That’s exactly what Swiss company Vivi Kola AG did with their new VIVI Nova product. AI is one of the three accelerator technologies in my TECHXponential concept. And boy is it accelerating the future of food, Viv used AI to develop the product in 2 days!

To summarise their process;

1 – They asked “ChatGPT to develop a vegan recipe using ingredients with known health benefits. The response included water, lime juice, haskap berry juice, ginger juice, chicory root powder, and cane sugar.”

2 – As a name for the new product “the company wanted a four-letter word. ChatGPT’s response? Vivi Nova.”

3 – Lastly, “for the label, Vivi Kola asked generative AI bot Midjourney and 3D creation tool Unreal Engine for their take on the visuals.”

Now, this is probably the exception rather than the rule, but points to the potential of AI in accelerating the development of new products. A major advantage is that it can consider combinations of ingredients outside of human ability to comprehend. We may have many novel food experiences on the horizon.

Even if AI does destroy the human race it looks like we’ll enjoy some tasty products in the meantime!

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