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AI and food personalisation

ChatGPT, GPT-4, Dall.E 2 that’s all the consumer fun stuff. Significant, but the most important applications of AI are yet to come. In food we have a ever increasing number of companies from farm to fork utilising AI for a wide variety of purposes. These include NotCo with their Giuseppe AI developing plantbased consumer products, Mars teaming up with PIPA LLC to find new plantbased ingredients and McCormick & Company partnering with IBM for ingredients evaluation.

Now brewing giant AB InBev have used AI to “not only used to generate the recipe and the name, but also to design the logo, container and advertising campaign.”

Everything in the food supply chain from plant breeding to consumer analysis is in the AI crosshairs. Add in the rise of quantum computing and sensors and it’s a trifecta of accelerator technologies. These will, believe it or not, even further accelerate the rate of change in the food industry. Any company not active in these spaces risks being left behind with no hope of catching up.

Eventually AI will percolate down to consumers and, combined with advances in sensor technology, will revolutionise diets and nutrition. Personalisation is an inescapable trend and food will not be immune to the trend.

In the end companies will have to adapt to these accelerating trends; it’ll be a case of personalise or perish!

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