AI used to formulate Dairy alternatives
Alternative Proteins

AI in food accelerates dairy alternatives

Three key takeaways here, firstly AI in food continues to advance, with one of my 3 drivers of the Future of Food, AI/machine learning, being behind the innovation. Secondly, a Dairy company wants to obtain 50% of its revenue from “plant-based, fruit-based, or animal-free products by 2030”.

As Climax point out plants have a wider diversity of proteins and functionality than animals. It’s just that at the moment we either haven’t tried or have been unable to access their properties. That’s where the AI/machine learning comes in, avoiding decades of traditional trial and error NPD.

Thirdly is that Climax Foods have produced a milk replacement that functions like dairy milk. That’s important because this means that existing equipment and processes can be used, meaning minimal capital expenditure and process changes.

If they can truly duplicate the dairy cheese experience and, they claim, at a cheaper cost then the saviour of the Dairy industry, cheese, could be in real jeopardy. Add in all the other technologies cherry picking the most valuable parts of the dairy value chain and things look “interesting” for the industry over the next decade or so.

Those in the Dairy supply chain need to look at what business they’re in. Animal dairy or giving consumers dairylike products they want?

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