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Costs of cultivated meat growth factors slashed

Cultivated meat continues its relentless quest for cost reduction, and growth factors are one of the biggest production costs. Plant molecular farming is one promising technology for achieving this and Tiamat Sciences Corp. have just raised a further USD2 million seed round extension to accelerate product validation and site expansion, bringing their total funding to date to USD5.4 million.

They’ve already reduced growth factor costs by 10x compared to current products and plan to achieve a 1000x reduction in “a few years”. The increased funding  “comes on the heels of Tiamat Sciences’ recent successes, which include new products in the portfolio, a new patent, and an increase of 1000x of the yield in only 6 months.”

There’s been a recent spate of announcements around cost reductions in cultivated meat, boding well for the long term cost competitiveness of the technology.

Never underestimate the power of exponential technology advances.

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