Food Futurist Speaker Tony Hunter at Hort Connections 2023
My take on it all

Food Futurist Speaker Tony Hunter at Hort Connections

The premier horticultural event of the year is Hort Connections 2023. I’ll be fortunate enough to present at this year’s conference on how technology is changing the face and future of food, including horticulture. Come along to beautiful Adelaide and be a part of the future of the horticultural industry. You can register for Hort Connections 2023  here

I’ll be focusing on;

“The challenge for the horticultural industry is the rapidly changing technologies. We’ve got everything from rapid conventional breeding techniques to genetic modification of crops – there’s a whole raft of things out there in these technologies that are going to revolutionise the opportunities for the horticulture industry.”

“When you look at food, when you talk about food from farm to fork, you cannot avoid talking about technology. My key concept is that food is now technology; technologies advance exponentially – food is now TECHXponential™. We’re going to have technology everywhere from farm to fork, and the days of just saying ‘I grow a piece of fruit’ are rapidly disappearing. Consumers are going to want to know what these foods do for them – and that’s where these technologies come in.”

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