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The feeds industry is in the protein industry, not animals

Cultivated meat with a “cost reduction in the order of 100x or more” that’s the news from Mosa Meat as a result of their partnership with Nutreco. In 2019 I wrote that companies in the feeds industry should see themselves in the manufacturing of protein for humans business and yesterday in Bangkok at the VIV Asia conference I reiterated the same thing.

This view of the feeds industry was proven correct when in January 2021 Nutreco announced a partnership with Mosa Meat and BlueNalu to develop food grade culture media. Now we see that partnership bearing fruit. Not only that but having replaced “99.2% of the basal media by weight” with “food-grade components” it’s also foetal bovine serum-free. Dispelling the still promulgated myth that cultivated meat will require this ingredient.

Yet again it shows that performing Life Cycle Analysis to “prove” cultivated meat can never be cost competitive is a losing game. By the time you complete the analysis the technology has moved on, rendering your analysis irrelevant. You can’t evaluate technology advancements that don’t exist!

Such is the power of exponential technologies.

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