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Feeding the planet with technology

Courtesy of The Future of Protein Production

“We like saving some of the best until last, so flick all the way to the final page of our huge +100-page issue and you will discover our resident futurist Tony Hunter peering into the future of plant molecular farming. Click below 👇 to read his latest column for Protein Production Technology International.

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In his latest column, he examines the potential of plant molecular farming, which is now on the brink of commercialization with companies such as Nobell FoodsPoLoPoTiamat Sciences Corp. Moolec SciencePigmentum Ltd. and more making breakthroughs.

Among Tony’s takeaways, PMF demonstrates that more than ever before food is now technology. “Without technology our chances of feeding nearly 10 billion people sustainably, healthily and equitably by 2050 are vanishingly slim,” he says.”

Feeding the planet is the challenge of our times, what we do in the next few years will echo down through the decades.

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