Food waste is a major global problem. Mill plans to change this.
My take on it all

Waste not want not?

Food waste is a major drain on the global food supply. Some of it can be prevented by consumers. But what about a banana peel, is it truly “waste” or simply not yet recycled for another use? Either way Mill wants to upcycle all of that household waste to chicken feed.

I can certainly see that upcycling the bits of food we don’t eat like banana peels, fruit pits etc. is positive. But is this just letting consumers avoid better food utilisation at home and wasting less of the edible bits?

Any reduction of food going into landfill should be applauded as that reduces both GHG emissions and all the associated pollution problems. But, is this a good solution or just giving people permission to feel less bad about wasting food?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

For a user review see this story in WIRED.

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