Inari gene editing

Gene editing to feed the world

“Inari’s multiplex gene-editing technology can increase soybean yield by 20% and corn yield by 10% while lowering water usage by 40% and reducing corn’s nitrogen needs by 40%”. Using the SEEDesign program Inari increases the “natural diversity” of seeds. Doing this can help increase food production while achieving these resource reductions.

As we race towards 10 billion in 2050 we need to produce more food with less resources. Gene editing and modification are going to be an essential part of meeting the challenge.

Reducing the nitrogen required to grow corn by 40% is a massive reduction in natural resource usage, particularly with today’s supply chain issues.

I wonder what would happen if we combined Inari‘s technology with Pivot Bio‘s soil microbiome technology? Just how little nitrogen would we need to add?

The possibilities are endless!

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