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Are algae our protein future?

Are algae our protein future? There’s nothing magical about where we currently get our protein, plants and animals. That’s because they were the available technologies and we’ve been refining them for thousands of years. But we need more diverse sources of protein and algae is an up and comer.

The products from NewFish are an interesting take on algae/conventional protein hybrids. They currently have two products “a pāua saucisson containing hand-dived blackfoot abalone, kurobuta pork, kelp, and sauvignon blanc; all brought together into sausage form using natural fermentation techniques.

Its second product, due to hit shelves soon, is a completely plant-based ‘ocean mortadella’ comprising a variety of native seaweeds and microalgae.”

Both products look amazing and I’ve never seen anything quite like them! Unfortunately they only ship within New Zealand, but I’d happily buy some if they’d ship it to Australia.

Hybrid alternative/conventional protein products have had mixed success with Tyson Foods dropping its Raised & Rooted Blend Angus beef/pea protein range in 2020. Although, having seen the packaging, the description was somewhat unappetising! On the other hand Perdue Foods are having success with their blended product using The Better Meat Co. ingredients.

The advantage I think these hybrid products have is that they are products in their own right and don’t try to exactly mimic a conventional product. I mean, who can miss the bright green of the Mortadella!!!!!!!!

I wish them all the best and it’ll be fascinating to see how their products fare in the market over the coming year.

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