AI in food
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AI in food

AI in food accelerates.

Artificial Intelligence is one of my 3 big accelerators of the TECHXponential Future of Food. In this partnership between Mars and PIPA LLC it’s again being used to improve the nutritional and therapeutic value of food. Many other companies such as NotCo are also using AI to develop novel ingredient and product approaches to food. Interestingly NotCo, with its Giuseppe AI, describes itself as a “Biotechnology Research” company, not a “Food” company.

Significantly in this case, PIPA LLC‘s “LEAP system includes biomedical databases, scientific publications, clinical trials and datasets from studies dealing with biological molecules.” This is significant because a wide range of research can now be used much more easily and effectively to formulate products which are healthy and functional. And functional foods, offering health benefits as well as being tasty and nutritious, are a big consumer demand.

At present we’re only experiencing the very beginnings of how AI will shape the Future of Food. Wait until consumers can readily access quantum computing powered AI’s linked to body sensors, that’s when the fun begins!

More than ever, food is about technologies and technologies advance exponentially. Companies mired in the old ways of developing products (i.e. 5 years or less ago!) will find themselves in serious trouble in the years and decades to come.

This is all part of the future of people eating for their health. Then it’s bye bye food industry, hello health industry.

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