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Are hybrid products the future of alternative meat?

The release of hybrid plantbased protein and cultivated meat fat products is one step closer. Cultivated fat maker Mission Barns and California company Silva Sausage will partner to manufacture a Mission Sausage. hybrid product. Will consumers buy it? No one knows, but looks like we may find out soon.

Apparently two thirds of plantbased companies would be willing to try using cultivated meat fat in their products. This is an effort to solve one of the flavour issues with the current generation of plantbased products, the performance of plantbased fat ingredients. This proposal to use plantbased protein with the flavour contribution of cultured meat fat sounds like a match made in heaven. In fact I’ve pointed out their advantages before. But now they’re closer to reality I can find no comprehensive consumer research that supports that consumers will buy the products. Some hybrid conventional meat/plant protein products under Tyson’s Raised and Rooted brand have been withdrawn from the market. Is it a case of, if I want meat, I buy 100 % meat and if I want plantbased I buy 100% plantbased?

Hopefully legislation to allow the sale of such hybrids will be passed in the US this year.

Is this a product meeting a consumer need, or a technical solution looking for a consumer?

I guess the first products on the market will find out!

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