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Plant-forward products the plantbased future?

Interestingly Gardein sees that consumers are “looking for more ‘plant-forward’ options with different tastes and textures and a wider array of plants”. Are plantbased meat mimics truly the future of plantbased products? Alternatively, will a whole new “non-meat mimics” category of unique tasting plantbased products develop?

Nutritional profiles and clean labels are increasingly important to consumers and plantbased brands are not standing still in addressing these concerns. Whichever way it goes consumers will not compromise on taste.

The taste of animal meat products is only the “best” we’re currently familiar with, not the “ultimate” taste sensation. With molecular analysis of what makes animal meat so appealing to consumers there seems to be no reason plantbased products can’t taste “better” than animal products.

One thing’s for sure, the future of food won’t be boring!

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