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Genetic engineering isn’t a dirty word

Hooray! Thanks Elaine and Magi, an article that actually mentions that “genetically engineered” organisms are used rather than a euphemism like simply “engineered” or “precision fermentation”

As Magi says, “We want to be as transparent as possible. I think our job is not to hide what we’re doing; our job is to explain why it’s beneficial and why we need it, and why these tools such as genetic engineering are important to create a future that is going to be more sustainable.”

Similarly, can’t hide behind vague terms like “fermentation” or “precision fermentation” for synthetic biology (synbio) processes. We’ve been using synbio for decades to produce medicines like insulin, and for food such as the enzyme chymosin, used to make cheese.

Now that Nobell Foods is coming out of stealth with its plant molecular farming technology the timing for discussing synbio products couldn’t be better.

The sooner we have the conversation with consumers about these technologies the better!

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