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Plantbased growth factors for meat?

Plantbased growth factors for cultivated meat? Made by fermenting the waste from tofu and soy milk, okara, the growth factors could cost as little as $2 per LITRE, revolutionising cultivated meat production.

That’s because a major issue for the growing cultivated meat industry is the cost and availability of growth media. And the most expensive component are the growth factors. That’s why this development could be so significant, as “okara is available in large quantities from the food industry, is edible and safe, and is low cost.” And scale is certainly one of the greatest challenges to cultivated meat becoming mainstream. Using such a readily available non-animal source of growth factors also shows an interesting intersection of food technologies.

Advances in cultivated meat are coming thick and fast. Many of the value chain components promise to deliver 10x to 100x cost reductions. Those who see no future in cultivated meat could be sorely disappointed!

All of this simply confirms the fact that food is now technology, and technology is exponential.

Those not prepared for this TECHXponential™ future of food risk long term irrelevance.


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