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Australia’s vaccination debacle

Australia’s vaccination debacle makes it the laughing stock of the developed world. This is unfortunately a great example of a Federal government squandering the opportunities presented by a rapidly developed new technology. The graph above speaks for itself.

We’ve had well over 6 months to plan for the vaccination rollout and what are we told? We don’t really need it because we have such low COVID numbers. And yes, Australians, including myself, DO want to travel! Ask the travel and events industries what they think. I believe that there’s actually little vaccine “hesitancy”, its’s vaccine “indifference” since we have no national vaccination target and “it’s not a race”. Combined with contradictory Federal government advice it simply generate apathy and indifference.

Certainly we don’t have an “appetite” for opening borders if it means having to deal with more coronavirus outbreaks, lockdowns and social restrictions. But that’s because we’re not vaccinated!!

Also the reason the fig leaf that “Medical Advice” is against opening the borders is because we’re not vaccinated. That’s the core reason for “fortress Australia”, simply the debacle that is our vaccination “strategy”.

You can get up to date data at Our World in Data.

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