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Food waste avoids plastic waste

Non-plastic cling film for the home and, yes, wrapping pallets!!!! It’s called Great Wrap is the best anti-plastic waste development I’ve ever seen, made from potato waste and it composts in an amazing 180 days! They’re now working with Monash University to use other food waste products. With enough volume they hope to be fully competitive with conventional petroleum based films.

I don’t know about you but I hate using plastic, but convenient alternatives are few and far between. Every time I put some in the bin I wonder where the plastic waste will end up. I’ve bought 2 rolls and used it as a direct substitute for conventional cling wrap with no problems at all. You can get yours at the Great Wrap site.

They’ve now opened their pallet wrap facility to help avoid the 150,000 tonnes of plastic pallet wrap that goes into Australia landfill every year.

We need more and more developments like this from entrepreneurs like Julia and Jordy Kay.

Some investors need to get behind this and scale it to the max.

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