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Synthetic biology will eat the world

Synthetic biology company bit.bios new opti-ox™ platform could provide a major boost to cultivated meat production. This is because their system has the potential to significantly accelerate cell growth and lower production costs.

Their system works by turning on and off of the switches, transcription factors, that activate genes. So opti-ox™ could allow you “to turn on and off different genes to produce the perfect steak or the perfect fish.”

The system could also enable technologies to produce personalised, engineered cells capable of fighting cancer. In fact this technology “is capable of making every cell in the human body at scale.” It could even allow the production of blood platelets, making blood donation and blood banks obsolete.

Synthetic biology has the power to change the world as we know it, and in only decades. Maybe one day instead of, “well, it’s not rocket science, is it?” we’ll say “well, it’s not synthetic biology, is it?”

As I like to say, “Synthetic biology will eat the world and the world will eat synthetic biology.”

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