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Whole chicken breast next for EAT JUST?

A cultivated meat chicken breast the next step for EAT JUST? The most important takeaways from Josh Tetrick’s recent interview with The Spoon.

1 – They’re building a bigger factory in Singapore.
2 – A whole muscle chicken breast is next on the menu.
3 – 80% of restaurants in Singapore would put cultivated meat their menu.
4 – Getting the product into more restaurants is the next move.

Some quotes from Josh;

Why Singapore – “The more science- and evidence-based you are, the less politics are involved”

Price parity – “But I would say more likely than not, that in the next 10 years, this production process will get below the cost of chicken”

On discussing cultivated meat with consumers – “I think you need to talk about this in a way that is not so technical that you lose people, but is concrete enough where you’re not hiding things from people”

The future of the industry – “A lot of companies will go out of business trying to get there. [Making cultured meat] is incredibly capital intensive, it is not easy. It is not straightforward. It requires hundreds and millions of dollars, if not a billion-plus dollars in investment, ultimately, to get there. It’s not for the faint of heart”

Exciting times ahead!

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