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Synthetic Biology needs transparency

I’m quite frustrated about constantly hearing podcasts and articles like this one (whose content I do agree with) that mention “fermentation” and completely gloss over the fact that genetic engineering is involved. We’re creating a long-term problem by failing to be transparent about the technology.

The original introduction of GMO doomed itself by failing to explain the technology properly and not tell consumers what was in it for them. This time there’s an opportunity to explain the technology, its advantages, and why we need it in order to feed the world as we approach 2050.

Let’s point to the numerous synbio products that we’ve been using safely for decades like rennet, insulin and so many others. We can’t allow unscientific views to poison the public against synbio products. Let’s be transparent and get ahead of the curve. Because it doesn’t matter how good the technology is, if people won’t buy the products then the technology’s useless!!

What do you think, should we be transparent or continue to hide behind the term “fermentation”?

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