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Why plantbased products need to taste good

I’ve said this before and the results of this poll clearly demonstrate why plantbased products need to taste as good as conventional meat. “Question wording: Assuming each tasted equally good, had equal nutritional value and cost the same, which one of the following do you prefer?”

Equally important is the nutritional profile. We see many complaints about plantbased burgers being “ultraprocessed” but, like so many products, some degree of processing is required. That said, simplification of their ingredient lists is going to be important and we’re already seeing this from companies like Beyond Meat. But how many ingredients is too many? 7? 6? 5?……. Have a look at how many ingredients are in that immensely popular meat product bacon. In Australia it’s 9, including “Mineral Salts (451, 450), Antioxidant (316), Preservative (250)” and “Woolworths Bbq Classic Beef Burger 4 pack”  has 20 ingredients!

When comparing products is comparing an Impossible Foods burger with a 100% beef burger relevant? How many people eat 100% beef burgers? Certainly in Australia there’s plenty of non-100% meat burger style products.

It looks like plantbased products still have a lot of headroom to grow in volume if they can be tasty, nutritious and price competitive.

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