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Cultivated meat steak for the Japanese Market

Looks like Japan may be the next country to release a commercial cultivated meat product, this time a cultivated meat steak. Aleph Farms has signed an MOU with Mitsubishi Corporation’s Food Industry Group to provide a “proven, scalable manufacturing platform (BioFarm™) for cultivation of whole-muscle steaks”.

It looks like a great partnership with Mitsubishi bringing expertise in biotechnology, food manufacturing, distribution and marketing. A partnership with a giant, USD14bn corporation like Mitsubishi adds great credibility both to Aleph’s process and the future of cultivated meat. Undoubtedly Mitsubishi would have conducted thorough due diligence on both aspects!

I don’t anticipate any commercial whole muscle product like a cultivated meat steak being released in 2021. But it certainly makes 2022/23 still look like the most interesting years of this decade.

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