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Convergence of the Food and Health industries

Another signal of the convergence of the food and health industries is the release of Nestlé’s Yiyang Active brand functional milk powder. It’s been developed by the Nestlé Health Science division and is the first of their products in China with functional food approval.

It’s aimed at at Chinese seniors and apparently contains “ingredients to support bone health, muscle strength and joint functionality”. It’s also “been clinically proven to enhance mobility during aging”.

We continue to see that food is now more than simply “fuel”, but a major contributor to our health and wellbeing. With COVID, health is an increasingly major consumer focus, so expect to see more and more functional foods.

These realisations, combined with the increasing understanding of our individual responses to food will further fuel the Personalised Wellness trend.

These trends are what will continue the long-term convergence of the food and health industries.

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