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For everyone in Foodservice who think that they’re immune from our Personalised Wellness MegaFuture™. Robotics startup Karakuri have unveiled their “DK-One” automated canteen capable of making app directed personalised meals. They’ve just raised USD8.4m to further develop the concept.

It’s right on trend for these COVID times where consumers would rather not interact with fellow humans. It’s also spot on another trend as “It’s capable of creating high-quality hot and cold meals, which maximize nutritional benefits, restaurant performance and minimize food waste.” How long before large QSR chains take personalised foodservice meals to the next level?

It can dispense up to 18 ingredients whether, hot, cold, soft, dry or hard into bowls, plates or containers.

Personalisation is here to stay, like it or not. How will your food company deal with consumer demand for this personalisation of their food?

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