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Perfect Day animal free whey based ice cream

Synbio continues to go mainstream with Perfect Day’s animal free whey protein now used in Graeter’s Ice Cream. Interestingly it’s advertised as vegan “Rather than the traditional dairy from cows or other animals, these proteins come from a process utilizing micro-flora fermentation. It’s still dairy, it’s just animal-free.”
The product sells at $79.95 for 6 pints vs $69.95 for Graeter’s standard product, a 14% premium. But as Perfect Day continues to drive down costs through volume and technology improvements watch out conventional dairy whey!

The value of milk is slowly being chipped away as alternatives mature and come to market. The RethinkX report’s view that the dairy industry would collapse by 70% by 2030 was dismissed out of hand by many. I thought it was just a little “optimistic” (or pessimistic depending on your point of view) on the timing. The signals of change are here, the collapse is certainly one plausible future.

If you’d like to hear more then get along to the Alternative Dairy Conference Dec 3rd next week. Get a 15% discount by using this link.

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