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The IncrEdible edible spoon

Can the IncrEdible spoon become a replacement for plastic spoons? How much would you pay to replace a plastic spoon with an edible one? How about USD0.25 (AUD0.35)? They even come in different flavours to complement the food you’re eating!

The author of the article carries around a titanium camping spoon in their purse, so for her this is a welcome alternative. “The spoons come in a variety of both sweet and savory flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, black pepper, masala, oregano chili, and plain. The plant-based ingredients of the spoon consist of non-GMO wheat, corn, oats, brown rice, and chickpeas.”

Apparently they can withstand 40 minutes in oat milk as well as used to eat hot broth and still function. I really hope they can beat the bugbear of so many startups, scaling to full commercial volumes. The product joins a growing range of plastic alternatives and I still wonder every time I put a plastic item in my garbage (if it’s not recyclable of course) where it will end up and how it could be sustainably replaced?

If they’re as good as they say then they are indeed IndrEdible. They sound like a great solution to me and when they get up to the volume of plastic spoons I can easily see them in the USD 5 – 10 cent mark. A small price to pay to reduce the scourge of plastic pollution.

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